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Opioid Crisis

The aim of the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, Inc. (SDPC) Opioid Crisis Consortium of Faith and Lay Community Partners is to produce a toolkit that will be used to equip rural, urban and suburban communities with truthful information and strategies using “harm reduction” approaches, such as gateways to awareness, education, prevention, treatment, advocacy and public policy. We envision this toolkit to be the catalyst for informal talks, intentional conversations, study and action. We anticipate a national campaign, forging a broad and diverse network of faith and lay communities – including youth – to ignite acts of cooperative, communal and collective work. The objective is to demonstrate a revolution of values and vision that catalyzes the faith and lay community to “Do Something Now!”

SDPC is committed, long term, to the development of a curriculum that can be customized to help promote and preserve wholeness as well as repair and rebuild brokenness among the most vulnerable citizens of our communities. We see this penetrating work for families and friends to use compassion, love and forgiveness to mend damaged relationships caused by substance use and misuse.