Please note and widely share the sites and links provided below that we have either directly received from trusted sources and/or researched on our own.

Let us arm ourselves with the information we need to share with our churches and our communities, realizing and actualizing the reality that we, with faith in action and sound judgment, along with the “God of our weary years [and the] God of our silent tears … who has brought us thus far on the way”, is now and always has been our first line of defense and protection. Let us go forth as a people of faith and a community of faith “engaging the powers” for our health, healing, and wholeness.
Ubuntu! We are because you are! (Rev. Dr. Janaé Moore)

For the most trusted and up to date information, visit The World Health Organization or The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Questions and answers for the faith community:

Should I cancel or continue to hold services?

Who is most at risk in my community and congregation?

Where can I find bulletin inserts, information for liturgy, and other resources to share during worship services?

How do I keep my congregation updated on the status of the health life within our church family?

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